Salted caramels

Salted Caramels

I made you these for my one year party. And you know what you did? You ate all of them. It wasn’t easy though. See I started off my screwing up the recipe. I rewrote it for you so you wont make the same mistake but I did have to pitch a whole bunch of …

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Yellow Cake Cupcakes with Peach Buttercream

Yellow Cake Cupcakes with Peach Buttercream

What is a party without cake? I have a go to chocolate cupcake recipe. Seriously could make it in my sleep. However, I do not have a go to yellow or white cake recipe. As I got ready for the blog party I knew I wanted to make swiss meringue buttercream and flavor it with …

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Second Anniversary Party Recap

Jun, 02, 2014 Kimmy appetizer, bakeshop, Blog, Party 0

It was such a lovely lovely time. Thank you all for coming! So many cupcakes…. Who knew lemon curd was so popular! It was an after thought even. Loved my decorations. And those are flowers from my yard! Homemade hummus and delicious (albeit huge) crackers. Such lovely weather too. The real break out star of …

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White Russians and Spiked Vanilla Lattes

White Russians and Spiked Vanilla Lattes

Splurges. That is what this is about. We have gone over all the basic alcohols already. We talked about vodka, rum, tequila, gin, whiskey, and bourbon. Now I want to talk about two extras to keep in your cabinet on a regular basis- coffee liquor and vanilla vodka. Confession- when we first started making these …

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Two Years

May, 24, 2014 Kimmy bakeshop, Blog 0

Two. Two wonderful, chaotic, lovely years. Technically the blog turned two yesterday but I wanted to share whiskey with you. You get it. So many things have changed in two years. Gone from mama of a 8 month old to mama of a two and a half year old. Gone from stay at home mama, …

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Whiskey Sours

Whiskey Sour

May, 23, 2014 Kimmy Blog, drink, Recipes, Whiskey 1

Ahhhh whiskey. My first exposure to whiskey was a shot I took one night in a bar in Barcelona. I remember thinking “huh… that wasn’t so bad.” My next encounter with whiskey was also a shot. I was traveling for work and, as I often did, I was having dinner alone at the bar of …

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Martinis and Gimlets

May, 19, 2014 Kimmy Blog, drink, Gin, Recipes 0

Gin gets a bad rap. I think when people think of gin they think of gnawing on a pine tree. While some gin does have a heavy juniper flavor there are so many other varieties and flavors out there. Dismissing gin because you don’t like juniper means you haven’t tried enough gin. So drink more …

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Mint Juleps and Old Fashioneds

May, 16, 2014 Kimmy Blog, drink, Recipes, Tequila 1

When I wrote the initial post about how to stock your liquor cabinet I lumped whiskey and bourbon together. While I don’t think it is imperative that you have both I highly encourage it. Because more liquor is just that- more liquor. And that is rarely a bad thing. Unless it is. Then please don’t. …

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Margaritas and Tequila Sunrises

May, 12, 2014 Kimmy Blog, drink, Recipes, Tequila 1

Ok so I already told you the first bottle of alcohol I bought was a peppermint schnapps to add to my hot cocoa. While I cannot say this with 100% certainty I am pretty confident the second bottle I bought was tequila. Many a night in college was spent at the late night half off …

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Mojitos and Daiquiri

May, 09, 2014 Kimmy Blog, drink, rum 0

Lets talk rum. For the sake of this post today we are just going to be chatting about light rum. It is really all I have on hand at the moment too. I reserve dark rum mainly for cooking (remember the peaches foster?) or for sipping. The difference between light and dark rum is that …

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