I love to cook- both savory and sweet. It is the way I express love to my friends and family. It is what I do to let you know I am thinking of you. It is what I do when you have a baby, move, or (god forbid) lose someone close to you. It is what I do to feel accomplished, complete, and whole.

I sometimes follow recipes closely. I sometimes pick them apart and modify them so they barely resemble the original before I even start. I read cookbooks like novels, revisiting my favorites like old friends. I make it my mission to incorporate new ingredients into my cooking. My goal is to eat as local as possible. I strive to eat real food and avoid processed foods are much as possible. I shy away from white flour and sugar (although I use them from time to time) but love butter like a fat kid loves cake.

Aside from Kimmy the baker/cook I am a mom to a stellar boy (Little) and wife to the most perfect husband in the world (Nathan). Trying hard to grow as much of my food as possible on my tiny ⅓ acre lot. Come over anytime. I’ll fire up the espresso machine and bake you something tasty.