Happy Birthday 2.0

Can I just say 1 to 2 was WAY more fun than newborn to 1.

1 to 2 brought us a baby that finally started sleeping through the night (at 22 months). He has learned oh so many words. Do you know he doesn’t say yes? He says mmm hmmm. It is precious. He is the pickiest eater ever and it is moment by moment. He loves trains (hence the birthday party theme) or really any large moving vehicle.

Happy birthday my not so little

He can sometimes be reasoned with and sometimes he melts into a screaming puddle of toddler. Which was what happened when I showed him his cake before the party. Nathan had to take him out of the house because he didn’t understand why he couldn’t have his happy birthday cake NOW. He may or may not have finally been appeased with a cake pop from Starbucks. I don’t know. I wasn’t there.

It was a lovely party. It is amazing how much he has grown this past year. It is amazing how much WE have grown this past year. His first birthday was filled with family and friends we knew before Little was born. We were so blessed. This year his birthday was full of toddlers and friends I have been blessed with since he was born. I was in tears thinking about my lovely mama tribe and feeling so terribly loved.

Happy birthday my not so little

I couldn’t be happier.

It was a lovely party. Served pork verde tacos (pork shoulder, green salsa, oven at 300 for 3 hrs), homemade refried beans, spanish rice (made by my mom), all the taco fixings, and of course birthday cake.

Happy birthday my not so little

There was a ridiculous cardboard train too.

Happy birthday my not so little

And puddle splashing. We were supposed to be outside but it poured. God bless Oregon the sun did make an appearance and well… when you are nearly two you can splash in puddle barefoot.

Little didn’t pass out till nearly 9 (usual bedtime is 7). Too much excitement and cake.

Now if only 2 to 3 can be half as wonderful as 1 to 2 we will be more blessed than we can ever imagine.

Happy birthday my not so little

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