My favorites- #1

Once a week I will be posting things I have either made or want to make that I have found online. I hope you enjoy and might find something tasty!

I am obsessed with French Macaroons. I am horrible at making them. My very first attempt they came out beautifully and since then… I will master them fear not but will most likely not post the recipes here. Honestly they are impossible to replicate. It is a matter of feel and what the weather is doing that day and if you do quarter spin to the left at the right moment. It is voodoo I tell you. Either way I tried this recipe for chocolate macaroons from Cannelle et Vanille. They were delicious although a complete failure in execution again.

I am making these vanilla bean cupcakes from The Sisters Cafe for a fundraiser a few weekends ago. I found the vanilla bean cupcake with the vanilla bean frosting to be too much vanilla so I am using a different frosting (probably chocolate) and using this frosting on chocolate cupcakes. Also I used this frosting to fill the macaroons mentioned above. That was divine.

I can’t wait to try this salted caramel shortbread from Sweet Tooth. Enough said. Want to come over when I make them to save me from eating them ALL? There will be coffee….

Who doesn’t love Smitten Kitchen? I have made many of her recipes and they are flawless every single time. Sunday morning Little woke us up way to early (as he often does). The morning was saved by these strawberry scones and two lattes before 9 am. They were a little bland so I would double the strawberries and increase the sugar by 50%. All around tasty though.

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