My favorites- #3

This week flew by. Also who said it could nearly be the middle of July! Where is summer going?

With the whirlwind this week has been I haven’t had as much time to peruse recipes as I would like. In all reality it is probably for the best. It means I am out there living my life, enjoying Little, spoiling my husband, rather than sitting in front of my computer or being glued to my phone. However here are a couple of little gems I found:

-There are never enough cupcake recipes in this world. Restless Chipotle was kind enough to gather her version of the top 50 all in one place. Go check it out. Super awesome. Thanks a million.

-While this is not a recipe it made me tear up just looking at it- recipes made in to tea towels. She used Spoonflower to print her grandma’s recipes on to fabric. I want to have my mom and both grandmas write out recipes for me so I can do this too. Incredible.

-Lastly- can you eat a box of cheeze-its in one sitting? I could if I would let myself. Which I wont. Cooking a la Mel has a homemade version. While she admits that they are not healthy, they are at least not packed full of chemical and preservatives and things I can’t pronounce. I want to try these next week (perhaps even today if I can find the time!) and substitute whole wheat flour.

Have a lovely weekend!

2 thoughts on “My favorites- #3”

  1. We’re glad that you are having such a good week. We enjoy your regular posts of FB. We are also looking forward to enjoying some of your delicacies from Kimmy’s Bake Shop.

    Love ya

    Uncle Ddub

  2. So, I read somewhere that said “never eat anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce.” That’s all well and good for most people but I’m a chemist! I can pronounce all of it! LOL

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