My favorites- #4


That is how I feel today.

I have made several different things in the past few days in the hopes of putting them on here. They have been delicious and we have devoured them but when it has come time to write about them it has all been a bit…. eh. While I would serve them for dessert, even dessert for company, they aren’t recipes I am thrilled with and would remake.

So, while I normally to my favorites posts on Fridays (and I missed last Friday), I am going to do it today instead. This afternoon I am making some tasty pesto I WILL share along with some carrot cake cupcakes. Stay tuned. In the meantime here are some cool things I have found around the interwebs:

– It is almost the end of July so lets talk Christmas. I was at Costco yesterday and they already had Christmas ribbon for sale. Heck we only have five more months! I found this wonderful compilation of Christmasy cookies on Six Sisters’ Stuff. I so want to make the candy cane blossoms and the orange creamsicle cookies! Anyone up for a cookie exchange this winter? Sounds like an excuse to drink hot toddys, eat cookies, and make the husbands watch the kids.

-Ok but it is still summer and summer (especially in Oregon) means fresh fruit. I have eaten my weight in berries this week. I wanted to make this strawberry cream cheese cake from Food Wanderings in Asia but was out of berries. Perhaps this weekend. Which means I need to get to the market to get berries. Such a sacrifice.

-I love bacon. Alot. Every time I cook it on the stove I burn it. Did you know how easy it is to bake bacon? I didn’t but thanks to Healthy Living How To and this post I now know how! I baked bacon according to these directions last week for BLTs and it  was a breeze. The bacon turned out perfectly! Also I love what she has to say about how bacon isn’t really bad for you. I am a proponent of eating real foods (not food like products) and eating in moderation. Plus it makes eating bacon guilt free.

This is about all I have for today. Watch for cupcakes tomorrow.

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