My Favorites- #5

I have all sorts of lame excuses why there haven’t been more recipes this week.

  • I cut the tip of my middle finger on my left hand and, until today, typing has been slow and painful.
  • It is hot out. I don’t have AC. I am not in the mood to heat up my house by turning on the oven when my house already feels like an oven.
  • My garden is in full swing and I am expending all my cooking energy just keeping up with canning, freezing, and cooking/eating what it is producing. I am making the same recipes over and over- recipes I have already shared with you.
  • Hot weather makes me lazy. I want to spend all day in air conditioning. There have been THREE trips to Toy r us for Little and me this week just to spend some time out of the heat.
  • I have some orders for the bake shop coming up and it is somehow using all my brain power to keep track of them. Don’t worry- I finally wrote them down so we SHOULD be moving past this stumbling block.
  • I’m mad. This is ridiculous but… I got the results from the fair. The carrot cake (which I was extremely mad at) and the lemon dream bars each won a blue ribbon. The chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, a recipe I intended to share this week, won NOTHING. I spend a great deal of time and energy on them. I knew they were dry but come on! At least a third place right?!? Augh.

Ok so there are my excuses and rants. Here are some other recipes I have found that look awesome:

1. I love anything salty. Salted caramel is high on my favorite tastes list. Mama say what posted this incredibly easy looking recipe for caramel pretzel bark. Oh be still my heart. Only five ingredients. I think this will find its way in to Christmas baskets this year.

2. This recipe for lemon cupcakes with blackberry buttercream is from All Recipes and surfaced on my pinterest this past week. I think I want to try it with fresh blackberries instead of jam. Afterall it is blackberry season here in Oregon!

3. Do you hate greasing and flouring pans as much as I do? I put parchment on everything just as extra insurance. I hate putting tons of effort in to a cake only to have it fall apart. Veronica’s Cornucopia posted a simple recipe for a miracle pan release concoction. I can’t wait to try this. It looks so easy! Thoughts?

4. While it is exceedingly hot in Oregon this week, fall is right around the corner. And fall means apples. Apple pie, apple sauce and this apple bread from Mommy’s Kitchen. I love the warm weather but can’t wait to be able to cook whenever I want without worrying about heating up my house.

Oh and in case you didn’t catch it earlier I did win two blue ribbons at the fair. Even if I am still mad about the stupid cupcakes.

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