My Favorites- #6




That is how I feel about the past week. Little is cutting I don’t know how many teeth so there is no sleep to be had. I am brain dead. The last time I got this little amount of sleep I crashed my car (a small crash, in June, we are all ok). This time I am loading up on coffee and driving very very slowly. Also I am either eating peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese sandwiches or making the same three things over and over again- and forgetting to take pictures. So for my favorites post this week I offer things that are ACTUALLY favorites. Recipes from around the web I make again and again.

1. I love Smitten Kitchen. Too much. I fawn over the pictures of her toddler and drool over her stunning photography. And I make these broccoli fritters way too much. Little devours them and, while I have been eating snadwiches, he has been eating these all week. Not that I don’t like them. I love them with a fried egg on top for a hearty lunch. It is just that I feel the need to feed Little veggies and this is an easy way to do it. Particularly when I can’t put together a complete thought.

2. A couple of weeks ago these cheesy quinoa bites appeared on my pinterest. In the scramble to get out of the house to drive to my grandparents I threw them together. Literally. It is a dump things in a bowl, dump in a muffin pan, throw in the oven recipe. On the plus side you are getting veggies for breakfast. On the downside you have to wash a muffin tin. It is a decent trade off for me. I have discovered they can be made with leftover quinoa out of the fridge or you can use with freshly made quinoa too. Lastly I love this recipe because it is what I call a refrigerator magnet- it is perfect for whatever leftovers are lurking in your fridge. Feta- yes please. Roasted red pepper- be still my heart. Grilled veggies from last night’s bbq- oh no you wouldn’t (actually you should, that sounds amazing). These bites are super versatile. Omit and add to your hearts content. Experiment away.

3. I’m taking a cake decorating class and at the first class we practiced our techniques on cookies. This is my go to sugar cookie recipe. Of course it is from I am baker. Would you expect anything less? I think the recipe, as written, has too much almond flavor so I cut it in half. Roll these cookies out thick for a chewy, decadent, easily decoratable sugar cookie.

I’ll be back next week with recipes. And hopefully my brain.

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