Fudge date balls

I love chocolate. Some may say I have a chocolate problem. I don’t think it is a problem as I have no issue with it.

If pressed I wouldn’t say I have sweet tooth. I have a weakness for chocolate, and apparently snickerdoodle cookies, but otherwise I can take or leave candy.

When I worked outside the home and had an office I had a designated drawer in my desk just for chocolate. At any given point in time I had at least 4 different kinds of chocolate but more often than not I had 10-15. You read that right. Ten to fifteen chocolate bars.  Mid-afternoon I would paw through the drawer to find just a bite or two of the chocolate that would fit my mood that day.

Once I became a stay at home mama I transferred all that chocolate to a cabinet in the kitchen (my new office). Little quickly learned when I snuck off to the kitchen around 3 in the afternoon that it was chocolate time. I have given him tastes of chocolate from very early on. And only good chocolate mind you. None of this Hershey’s crap.

 Fudge date balls- they taste like chocolate truffles but are sugar free and good for you!

The child is a chocolate fiend. What can I say? He takes after his mama. Like his mama though he doesn’t eat much at a time. This probably has to do more with his access to said chocolate rather than his self control. Just sayin.

One of my dear friends made this last week for a playdate we attended. Holy cow a bite of chocolate without a lick of sugar? Yes we can have the conversation of not eating too much dried fruit and that dried fruit has lots of sugar but I don’t care. At the end of the day it is still just fruit. And it is stupid good.

So here you go. My new obsession- chocolate I don’t feel the least bit bad about eating or feeding to the little.

Two things. First let these set in the fridge for a bit. I dare you to bite in to a cold one and compare it to a real chocolate truffle. So stinking close in flavor and texture. Second double the batch. Or triple it. There are never enough.

Fudge date balls- they taste like chocolate truffles but are sugar free and good for you!

Fudge Date Balls (makes 6)
adapted from The Happy Raw Kitchen

8 pitted  dates
1  tablespoon cocoa powder, or carob
1  tablespoon hulled hemp seeds (any nut or seed really will do)
1  teaspoon coconut oil
1 tablespoon dried coconut (not sweetened)

For decoration:
1-2 tablespoons hemp seeds or coconut for rolling

Process the ingredients ingredients in food processor until mixture starts sticking together. Shape into 1 inch balls and roll in extra hemp seeds or coconut. Balls can be refrigerated about 1 hour to firm up (DO THIS). These are very soft and chewy if eaten right away.

Fudge date balls- they taste like chocolate truffles but are sugar free and good for you!

6 thoughts on “Fudge date balls”

  1. I just recently made something like this, and it was so amazing! I am so with you on the whole chocolate thing…especially the nix on Hersheys!

  2. I think these should be renamed crack balls. I’ve probably eaten 10 of them today. Is that bad? Oh well. I’ll eat another one to make myself feel better.

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