Planked Salmon

Sometimes you burn dinner.

Sometimes that is ok.

In this instance it was more than ok.

 Planked slamon. The easiest way to BBQ Salmon!

Have you ever planked fish? It is simply cooking fish on a wooden board. In our case we used the charcoal BBQ and had cedar boards.

I love eating fish but am often at loss for how to prepare it and so intimidated of ruining what is usually a pretty expensive purchase by experimenting. Thankfully this is a super safe bet.

My sweet sister won a pack of cedar boards just for this purpose at a random work drawing last year. This is the third or fourth time now that we have enjoyed fish made this way. Little to no prep, quick cooking time, all around win.

Planked slamon. The easiest way to BBQ Salmon!

The reason ours burnt a little bit (or a lot bit) was because yours truly forgot to soak the board. Our package says to soak for at least an hour. I feel like at least 3 hours would be ideal. This board got a quick 20 minute dunk because I forgot till long after we had already started the coals. Oh well. It was still so so so tasty. And smokey.

I worry if I say this again you will stop reading my posts altogether but this is yet another example of good ingredients cooked simply. Beautiful Alaskan salmon, steamed haricot verts with homemade butter, and fingerling potatoes roasted in olive oil and salt. That’s it.

This is the kind of cooking I am passionate about. Sure I love intricate recipes and challenges but the day to day get the dinner on the table looks mostly like this- the very best ingredients I can afford prepared simply but to perfection.

Planked slamon. The easiest way to BBQ Salmon!

Nom on.

Planked Salmon (serves 4)

1.5 lb salmon fillet (Wild caught only. Don’t EVER tell you me have bought farmed salmon)
2 tsp dills
1 sliced lemon
1 wooden cooking plant (check amazon or your local fish monger)

Start your coals. Once hot lay them in your BBQ to either side leaving a cooler trench in the middle. You are looking for a medium high heat. Place the fish on the presoaked plank skin side down. Sprinkle liberally with salt. Sprinkle on the dill and then lay the lemon slices on top. Place down the middle of your BBQ and cover. Cook for 10 minutes with the cover on then check for doneness. Fish will flake easily with a fork when cooked. If not done cook for another 2-3 minutes checking often. Serve immediately.

Planked slamon. The easiest way to BBQ Salmon!

2 thoughts on “Planked Salmon”

  1. It was so good! I absolutely love planked fish. You can never go wrong with it and best of all, you can do this in the summer without heating up your home. I am so looking forward to even more tasty summer meals made on the barbecue. 🙂

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