One year

I know I know I know. I am harping on this.

But honestly I am typing with tears in my eyes.

Being a mama is hard. Being a stay at home mama has been even harder on me. As a friend lovingly put it I was one of those crazy people who had a baby and decided to start a blog. Really honestly though I needed it. I needed something to do.

In the past year my tiny terror has turned in to a not so tiny terror. One blog post has turned in to 138. We have very little sleep. What was supposed to be a business and a bakeshop is now instead just my tiny obsession of a blog. I have gone through a lot of chocolate, butter, and flour.

You have stuck with me through thick and thin. From cakes, to cookies, to casseroles, to roasts. You have put up with my typos and mistakes. You have lovingly chided me when your recipe didn’t turn out because I mistyped.

But mostly you have read which just floors me.

Thanks. From my little family to yours.

my little family

Here is to many many more.

(photo credit Elizabeth Crow Photography)

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3 thoughts on “One year”

  1. And now I’m reading with tears in my eyes. It has been amazing to watch your journey and travel with you. Love you, from my little family 🙂

  2. Dear Kimmy,
    Your blog is great, you are wonderful and now you can realize that being mum is the best part of you life. Could you imagine it 4 years ago? You are discovering incredible things that you can do, things that you can offer to others that you could never imagine before.
    You are a loving mum, loving wife, sister, daughter… and a super loving and loved friend.
    We follow your blog not only because we love you, but also because we recognize that all that you write and transmit here is amazing. And of course, because we want to taste each receipe hehehe

    Love you
    Your friend from the other side of the planet 🙂

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