Two Years

Two. Two wonderful, chaotic, lovely years.

Technically the blog turned two yesterday but I wanted to share whiskey with you. You get it.

So many things have changed in two years. Gone from mama of a 8 month old to mama of a two and a half year old. Gone from stay at home mama, to blogger, to freelancer, to volunteer coordinator at a non-profit, to now founder of a start up (more to come on that).

What a way to cap it off than by drinking all month and partying hard on Saturday. May 31st (THIS SATURDAY) we will party hard from 3-5. Cosmos, lavender cupcakes, and much much more.

Oh and I broke my camera lens. The one I shoot everything with. So to replace it I am raffling off either dinner for four delivered to your house (you better be local) or a cake of your choosing. Tickets are $5. Let me know if you want a ticket or ten!

Love you much. Thank you for your readership. Come on over and I will make you a drink.

From my little family to yours.


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